animal anxiety

Howard come here please

we need to talk

I know you are the rooster and born to crow

However my horse-sense is pleading with you here to stop telling these stories

After your very vocal recounting of the night time u.f.o. mutilations of cattle

causing near panic in the herd, a stampede Howard.

Then the poor goats are barely able to breathe since the goat-sucker tale

And now you just told the ducks who the werewolves prefer to munch on

Oh I know, True enough, I indeed understand

However fear is setting in here at the ranch

Thank the oats I have horse sense

I know my valiant service to mankind and can walk about with ..

yes Howard, there are the product factories we are sent to, yes, all of us.

As I was saying we horses, are large, can run

what ?

a Skin-walker ?

A Skin-walker doesn’t have to run ?

Has instant ability to be anywhere ?

And it does what to horses ? Uh Howard


As I begin my flight out of the Suez

I catch just fleeting glances of Morocco and wham

I fly right into it, through it

Continuing across the sea toward the southern coast and Portugal

normally a fantastic flight and wham, there it is again

By now the grit of the mineral shelled nano particles are affecting my eyes

leaving little to view in this mess as wham, I fly through it again

Grasping anew at my broom handle as it has itself

been effected, breaking up and reassembling

I arrive now into the north sea area, to attend the fall swap meet

it is so thick, so heavy, nothing can be seen below

All due to these sprayed clouds of unknown nanobacteria

Mineral, biological, chemical, organics foreign

My goods for swap, the wool of bat, eye of newt, toe of frog

all damaged, corrupted, changed

Witches this is a sour poison pot.