dark mansions

My Great Aunt Lily, she was the sole reason I rented the flat bottom boat

It was at her request and wish, to see again the stately southern mansions

facing toward the river in wait for life to return.

Great Aunt Lily is all the classical southern lady

She, I believe has never, nor would ever read a northern author

No, not Lily.

What time did I rent the boat ?

Near 6 I believe as I had never been there before and. …

Pardon me ?

Oh indeed she had all her life, indeed

However my Great Aunt Lily is quite elderly

and to tell you the truth lives in her own world

May I say here her opinions are not paramount to me

This would include her traveling advice

So the discovery of the bait and boat location

had been rather a chore as well as time consuming

No, I did not think it was too late to rent the boat.

Yes sir, that is correct

she did make it known she thought it too late to begin

Yes sir, a small verbal disagreement did take place, that too is true

And yes, I was frustrated and feeling rather vexed when we began.

However as we plied and glided though the waters

the Spanish moss clinging to the trees, the sounds of bird calls

the scents, the wonderful colors

the peace all brought me back to myself a bit

As I took one branch, then another

Aunt Lily kept advising me, that I was traveling in the wrong waterways

However, as I said to her, there is no wrong way Auntie, its all water

calm down and just kept to the oars

I had already realized she was right, as darkness

was now crashing down upon us and we were lost

Lost as to where we had come from and what she had come to see

As she had hoped to visit those manses of which she was familiar.

The bitterness of my own failure was overwhelming me.

It was just at that moment as I was ready to utilize my cell phone

to call someone who could bring us back I sighted the manse.

The spectacle of it was breathtaking, and I immediately began rowing toward it

I could see subdued light emitting from the windows

I then began perceiving people moving about on the grounds

my excitement was not the least dampened as Auntie requested

my not pulling in at it’s river edge

Needless to say, I ignored her request

Continued to the landing, stepped out and pulled the boat in firmly

Allowing Lily easy purchase

She absolutely refused to leave that awful little flat bottom

as well as claiming she had seen nothing, no manse, no lights, no people

and that I must immediately return to the boat and we must depart, post haste

That did rather surprise me yet I felt she was perhaps in a snit about my

having discovered this exemplary manse

So I announced to her, my intension of gaining some level of comfort

and perhaps a ride for us by road back to my car from the owners

Yes sir, I simply began walking toward the manse and left her in the boat

thinking she would soon follow

The evening was incredible, the manse as I stated previously had been stunning

Perhaps 3 maybe 5 minutes I walked the rise from the river

to gain full view of the manse

However this was not what I was saw, it simply did not exist

Immediately I reeled and ran toward the landing

Yes sir, I realize you find this all impossible to believe

I sir, feel the same

Yet sir, I swear upon my return to the boat she had vanished

I called out for her until my vocal cords were knots

frantically racing about in complete panic, and found no one

This is when I called the sheriffs department and you came

Her money, her money ?

Why yes, I am her only relative, thereby the inheritor

Sir, are you suggesting she is deceased ?

She has to be there

Your people simply must keep looking

meanwhile I shall pay a visit to her lifelong friend

and spiritualist, Miss Nettie

No sir, I have no intention whatsoever of leaving the state

nor anything other than finding Lily

Yes, certainly I expect to be hearing from you

I shall keep you advised as well

Goodnight sir.


Well yes, I actually just returned from The God Shop

Took The Leap of Faith again

I was completely out of Repentance

Or as the voice there at The God Shop said, the prelude

You went ?

Great, I am so glad for you

And to take The Leap of Faith mat to enter

As well as the blinding light, the voice and the presence

I agree, quite undoing.

Yes, I also found the scent of Repentance as fresh

What did I purchase this time ?

The voice, the presence

Choose Penance from the Sacrament Line

I can’t really even describe it’s scent

Almost a seasoned smoke of life lived, blended with mosses.

sky rationing

sky rationing, that’s right. sky rationing

freaking global sky rationing

Or are you just never looking up ?

Or maybe you think

the jets were always flying in a grid pattern ?

Or maybe you think

you were born to a covered sky ?

any, any of those thoughts can only scream

You pard, are a card carrying member

of “The Cult of Stupid”


Right out of the horse’s mouth, Eddie right out

Pure gospel here Eddie

I actually witnessed a very valid question put to a D.E.Q. agent

to which he proudly proclaimed and I quote

“it is not the government’s job to protect you from your own ignorance”.

Man Fred, did you have to tell me now ?

the spooks are everywhere

Now we got to blow this joint

Yeah Eddie I know, I know

But dude,

What of the INNOCENT ?

oh really ?

And everybody cared ?


Exactly when and where was that ?

You speak the hollow sounds

the infinite sweetness

the mockery, so disingenuous

stinking superficial super freak

I just bet you’re a member of the

new age “I’m a pepper you’re a pepper” church