read the manual

cattle guards

cattle guards tells you the whole story

they just paint them on the road now

no ditch needed

no metal bars, nope

they are you see programmed


none of them for way too many generations

have even experienced a actual cattle guard, nope.

but in the way back lies the program.

Unless of course you would care to argue, this is memory

To which I would then suggest you need memory for programming.


Question the amount of traditional aircraft

It would take to be global with this sky rationing

And it is GLOBAL.

The bio-soup sprays

The nano-“name it” clouds, the greasy rainbows, the un-sun

What are we here ?

skittles, teletubbies, smurfs ?

a fusion moment

Be very careful fellow time travelers

As to what you set the earth time to

I was going for the incarnation of a mannequin

Well, let me tell you I was a mannequin alright

In a vintage defense film

Vaporized my ass, oh yes they did

What do you mean what happened next ?

Vaporized !

new ? you

The “new social media”

so what was social media

before it was new social media?

what makes it new?

what was the writing in the caves of drift man

on rocks, on bowls, tablets, scrolls, drums, temples,

totems, pyramids, telegraph, radio, telephone,

television, newspapers, computers etc.

if not social media ?

So are we talking here of the programs

programming that prompt, urge, compel

through the social media ?

The “new social media” ?

using you, user friendly you

prompting and urging you

to hero or zero status?