normal today

O.K. class, reviewing then

quotes of great north americans

who said “you are fools to become slaves for tobacco, sugar, the fat of a pig ..yes,

if you must interrupt. Yes?

The surgeon general

Wrong, so wrong

Did you even read the chapter ?

Anybody else ?

Yes sir, the World Health Organization

oooooOH GAG !

sooner than

This is what you have insisted upon

by not choosing to speak the truth to the court

Bailiff bring the truth robe

put it on the witness

now tell me what really transpired ..

Thank you

Bailiff please cabinet the truth robe

Deputy remand what’s left of this individual

the condition

intolerant intolerance saps YOUR very life force

the sacred force.

You are denying YOUR OWN divine origin

for what ?

To exist in trepidation ?

Stirring ghosts, haunted judgments

programming yourself to distaste, disgust

damning of that and those

A color, a culture, a creed, a breed

In a matrix of infinity ?

clumping cells

uda remember when the meat were action performing ?

frolicking and scurrying about, so busy, like all the other creatures on the meat channel ? Indeed aku, not but a bleem ago.

But many, many more bleems have passed since the lines were drawn against them.

With fear and sacrifice they have been bled, and now they suffer the binding of their blood. Yes aku, Indeed I remember.

uda, you are saying the meat’s blood is to bind ?

yes aku, just look at what is now covering their orb.



cherish the thought

Having dropped, quite handily away from the tour group

allowing myself the freedom of walking at my own pace

really beginning to feel the freedom to gaze about

at everything in my own time and manner

When suddenly without reason

I threw myself into searching to and fro on my hands and knees

at the edge of a long running hedge for of all things a four leaf clover

Before my very eyes, lay in the taller grass within the hedge, a fairy !

a fairy in distress !

Impossible ! I cried out as if in madness

Yet there lay glittering, this superb creation, this tiny beautiful perfect being

Even more spectacular than one could ever dream to behold with the eyes

let alone the soul

Upon closer examination, I with heart and mind in anguish

watched as her lips moved ever so slightly and she whispered

“crystal, must drink from the crystal“

My eyes instantly began searching all about her

and by heavens there lay a tiny crystal,

a crystal appearing as a flask wrapped mid and top

with what appeared to be webbing as from a wee copper spider

I tenderly lifted the crystal flask from it’s landing site

and placed my fingers holding it just above this fairest of all being

I waited, tearful to my very soul as to her fate

Watching, waiting in near unendurable pain for her

Wretched in my feeling of the inability to do more to assist

When again she ever so lightly, that it required my total being to hear

whispered, “must drink“ my mind again reeling

I strained to locate the opening on the flask

clumsily I managed to locate and open the top

and she did sip

delicate as flower dew the liquid appeared to me

Further astounding me she then lifted up

hovering in that time and space

speaking as in tiny ringing bells these words

“my gift to you is remembrance“… the remembrance

that you hold the crystal in your own life, of self-fulfilling prophecy.