Well here we are, a bunch of surviving organic human genetics with mutations.

Trying to catch the rhythm to the new cybernetics conga line.

O.k. lets all begin with the bio-engineering shuffle, pretending it’s not a forced mark, I mean march.

Here we go “you take the dna out, you put the dna in, you put the dna in and it shakes you all about.”




Space rabbit here, coming at you from the black hole tonight.

Running the drifts this good eve, keeping you abreast of the incoming.

Looks like a huge acoustical programming energy storm is headed hard at us, there’s been a steady building flow in acoustical programming out there tonight, so no great surprise, right listeners ?

You know Space rabbit, is staying put for this episode.

Oh, and this just in from the T.F. all random data bits will be deleted.

Well heck, who wants them after a freaking acoustical programming energy storm anyway ? Useless.

I’m telling you some of the federation announcements really get to me.

Okay back to the drifts …

meanwhile at the ranch

Oh for the love of grain Howard, what the heck are you crowing about now?

In the middle of the day too, a ranch dog needs his midday rest, you know it‘s my job to check the yard and barns when you’re crowing. Oh I see everybody’s here, what’s up Howard ?

We have a speaker today dog. Well then I’m staying. Good.

Looks like we’re all here, and settled down. May I have your attention,

Please welcome one of many years, much knowledge and experience, field watcher extraordinaire, please welcome a seer of all things, the Scarecrow.

Thank you all. Let me begin by thanking you Howard for inviting me to speak today.

As a scarecrow, most of you know well my ability at expressing the capacity to be perfectly still is endless. While keeping ever vigilant to the fields, I was created to be such, a watcher of fields.

You realize too, I am not a formal speaker, just speaking at Howard’s request. Nothing that I do.

This will be for you to kindly hear and consider, that‘s all.

My subject of course will be fields.

Beginning then, Each year, as some of you know I am again refreshed and brought to the fields from this very barn. Then last season,

Last season the sky began opening at night at will with dimensions never seen by these eyes.

Yes, I realize the gravity of what I have said, a rip in reality, a portal, a gateway, right here at the ranch. Many are the things that travel here from there, many.

Howard’s speaks to enlighten you to some of the very same creatures of which I have seen on numerous occasions.

He has himself, early in the morning, from the fencepost before crowing, actually seen some of these things headed back into the gateway before dawn.

Not that I, nor you should assume that these gateways are not indeed there in the daytime also.

It is after all a field !

About my nighttime viewings, for instance when that mutilated cow was carried away by the authorities, well I saw what that cow saw. This was all seen by these very eyes.

Believe me the cow did not suffer, not a moment between the animal standing and them gone. Futile really. Except to say, this was not of this earth, or more important not of our fields

Further speaking of the recent rip in reality here at night, the lights, the vacuum of sound, the vacancy of a time.

What can I say other than, again different fields.

I have seen the huge beasts that roam the night.

Some seem to be frolicking about, others have another agenda.

These would be the ones whom Howard has spoke of to you, these skin-walkers.

Then there are the crafts and their beings, the dancing colored spheres, various asunder mysterious creatures.

As yet the people type other world beings, other fields beings, seem to have no interest in the others or us. For this I feel grateful, as I have been made witness to the abilities of them, I must state here that this has not been easy.

Will this portal exist again this spring when I am put out?

Has it been there all winter? These things I simply do not know..

Well, I wish you good day and I hope you have gained some knowledge of the fields, the fields are very important, very.

And thank you.