another meat moment

uda you have watched the meat channel many bleems I know.

And all the programs that strike fear to the meat.

Indeed aku.

Well uda, I have now viewed many of the meat programming claiming we are mutilating the, what is called cattle of the meat, us!

Also many programs in which it is stated that we, us, take the meat themselves!

Indeed aku this is true, by programming the meat are kept in a state of constant fear.

The control of the meat though fear has them grid bound. Which has not of course included any allowance for higher intellect to be.

They complicate themselves, chaos, confusion reigns.

Why aku they even believe they are subject to mortal rulers.


her bag

Frankie, check it out, mall center, body by fisher, running a divine goddess illusion, hope she comes our way,

Oh yeah, wow. She’s carrying bags, that’s a good sign Dave. The luck is all mine Frankie I’m up next and she’s coming our way, no pushing Frankie.

Wow she ignored us both Dave, guess it’s limited to viewing time for us until she checks out. Man she is one looker, do you notice the way she’s dressed, as in no labels?

Right. Hm ? Maybe we got ourselves a pagan princess or a prof from the college in the novelty shop today. Hm ? Well she has been searching every nook and cranny for something, now she’s looking thru the costumes, and you saw her go thru all the posters already.

Hm. Looks like she’s headed for us, now remember I’m up, Frankie.

Hi, can I help you find something?

Yes, I seem to be having a hard time locating the aerostockians. Please direct me to any and all aerostockian items you may have yet.

Excuse me, the what Stockton ?

Aerostockian, any items.

Aerostockian items, I see, hmm one moment, we’ll ask the manager.

Frankie we need to inquire from you where the aerostockian would be located.

The what ?

The Aerostockian items.

Aerostockian ? Greek to me Dave. Right now Dave, Greek to me.

So, we must be out, if he‘s saying he doesn’t know.

Well I can see you are a costume shop, can you at least tell me when I can expect the aerostockian costumes to arrive? And if it’s not to much trouble which ones they will be?

Are you trying to say there are more than one?

Indeed, indeed. Oh I see I am running late now, if you will excuse me, I must be off. I shall return in a few days to allow time for you to check your order and delivery dates for the aerostockians costumes. Gooday.

Whoa now Frankie, did you just hear that vision speaking in a foreign tongue or what?

Oh she was speaking English Dave, rather with command i’d say but the subject matter, now that was real out there.. as in trumps foreign and has whiffs of extra dimensional. 

You think so?

I do.

Dude we got to hit the computers, get on top of this, sounds big.


I got my hinky feeling coming on strong about this guy you want me to meet here, Eddie. You do remember I don’t tolerate anti-government types? insufferable malcontents, slow minds Eddie. I don’t visit their den’s, I don’t need a gun, I don’t own a plaid shirt.

Yeah Fred I know, I know, Oh uh un-cool, that’s him coming now Fred, and he’s wearing a plaid shirt.

Yeah, figured as much Eddie.

Come on Fred chill out, give him a chance, not everyone in plaid is a gun nut Fred. Hey Rob, good to see you, this is Fred.

Howdy Fred, sorry I’m running a little late guy’s, but you got to come out to my truck and check this rifle with free ammo package, I just scored. A sweet deal, you guy’s are not going to believe this.

Uh well Rob, Eddie can do what he likes, but dude it’s not my bag.

What ? You don’t like a great gun deal?

No, No I don’t and I got somewhere else to be. I didn’t realize that they were having the rope a dope finals here tonight. I pass on em’ myself.

Figure it out Rob, government “govern the mind”, you are so busy talking the talk you don’t even realize your mind is totally governed.

See ya Eddie, I’m out.

in there

I had thought my blind date was coming along quite well, promising even. One of those lovely hidden off Broadway café’s, a truly luscious dinner, light conversation, good wine. Arriving at the theater with perfect timing from dinner.

We were enjoying the performance immensely. A delightful time was enjoyed throughout the intermission. As we sipped two stems in the lobby, accompanied with more light chat and laughter, he was charming.

Toward the end of the final act, I leaned rather closely to him, quietly enquiring of him the nuance, nuances in the play as I had witnessed unfolding, yet unable to fully grasp. Then, right then it happened, he looked straight into my eyes and said,

I quote “look thru your pineal gland”.