smells fishy

Bigfoot, lets see, seen world-wide, including small islands, strictly minds his own business, keeps shy of the folk, he’s large, cunning and strong, yet he’s not chasing and eating us.. hm, does under certain circumstances call out in an intense, unmistakable, unforgettable, high frequency circular sound.O.k.     

Now to the science, seen or not, no remains, no such thing, science wants a dead entity as proof, countless agencies, independent groups, etc. have tried to track, trick, trap or kill the entity. . hm O.k.

So let us think anew just what that intense high frequency circular sound could mean. As in, changing of the manifestation, i.e. transformation, or calling the ship, as in u.f.o. hm some more.

Then we have a grand fellow in a blockbuster galactic hollyweird film named Chewbacca and he’s the spitting image of, you guessed it, Bigfoot. O.k. I’m just saying.

another hmm

a couple driving the evening’s last throws, as darkness falls they see a woman on the side of the road carrying a baby.

They stop, pick up the woman and say, “you poor dear, what a sweet baby“.

The very same couple, same scenario stopping to pick up a man with a baby will say, “what is wrong with you, out here with a baby?“


I just spent every dime I had to help this congress and senate situation.

What? you didn’t just give all your money to one of those totally useless so-called D.C. action groups did you?

No, no, no I thought about this long and hard. My money has been wisely utilized. I have ordered for delivery to both houses huge quantity’s of the dung beetle.

With these, things may appear clearer for us all.

hiway hijinks

These land machines wah, are really quite primitive, belching pollutants, noisy, hand operated, real how is it said? dinosaurs?

For sure dak, Hey, let’s listen to the trucker’s paradise. That coast to coast show, it’s always out there topics, funny as all get out, and those callers, whoa funny, funny, funny. Except when those abductees are calling in. “I’m a victim, the pain, the alien’s were so ugly, oh the pain“. Get’s out of hand in their gory way if you ask me.

Same for me wah. Sure turn it on. And wah we need to pay closer attention to just who are in these vehicles those alphabet guy’s are just everywhere, riding these hard black surfaces, darkness is their friend brother. We have run 7 out of 9 alphabets alone tonight, already. That isn’t good, we need the folks, the beings. The federation just doesn’t like those alphabets period. negative mush, no essence of spirit, void of emotion, morally corrupted, demonist, etc. You saw the transmission. No more alphabets! So wah we got to check real close.

Hey lookie, there’s a big rig just like us right up ahead lets beam him up.

Run him wah.

Got ya dak, waiting now.. Here it is dak, another alphabet.

What ? Why are the alphabets running a big rig wah? Scan that box their hauling, something’s up.

Data shows these little bets, if I may, are carrying equipment that would simulate a abduction experience.

Now wait just a nano, you are telling me those alphabets are running abduction scenarios with the equipment in that rig?

Seems so dak. Nasty little unholy trawlers.

That’s it! We wonder no longer about all the pain, all the ugly alien call ins. Lets take em wah.

You know we can’t dak,

Oh yes we can wah, I’m saying take em and run them thru their own damn experience.

Oh, oh cool, uno momento, I want them listening to Gerry Garcia singing Truckin as their last memory.

Ten four little buddy, american beauty it is. HA, HA, HA