spring at the ranch

Scarecrow I am so glad to speak with you

before you are brought again to the fields.


Good day to you Howard

Yes I leave momentarily for those fields.


Good sir, I have spoken to dog,

he has agreed to check with you, hopefully daily,

so we can keep the animals aware

of what is going on within the fields,

would you find this acceptable ?


Indeed, Howard most acceptable

thank you for such candor and confidence


Thank you sir and just so you don’t

spend extra concern here sir

we all fully realize that none of us

have any real ability to protect

ourselves even within our fields

our boundaries, our constraints.


This is most true rooster,

and is the same for of all.


I did hear from the ranch hands conversation as they refreshed me,

that they have knowledge of particle beams

and planes flying over the top of us making exes and lines

which drift down and settle about as particles of chemicals,

metal, and even dried blood.


Here at the ranch ???


Actually Howard they spoke of this happening worldwide.


Crock, Crock, Crock holy grain Scarecrow, what can this mean?


Howard I can have no idea until I reach the fields, and look they come for me now

Goodbye Howard

Goodbye Scarecrow, and good luck.

perdition pathway

Oh hello. Indeed it has been sometime since last you buzzed me, hasn’t it? Oh that’s right, I was to call you, we were going to do lunch. Sorry about that, but I’ve just been so busy here at the office, orders have definitely increased. As well as money.

Am I still purchasing at the God Shoppe? Well, absolutely. And I must admit, rather taken aback by your interest here about my God Shoppe purchases. After all you did not seem to be thrilled for me in the least, when last we spoke.

Concern for my safety and salvation? Really? How funny. Hm, I am surprised by this from you of all people, I mean you’re such a devotional. Oh I know you would never step foot in that shop, but as I just said you are a devotional, have been since I’ve known you anyway. You seem just fine living your life, my needs are greater, much greater.

Am I still blinded with the lights upon entry from the leap of faith mat? Again yes. Have I seen these presences that choose my purchases, my courses? No, actually I have not. But I will say this, I could have easily purchased twin beamers off the showroom floor at this point for the money involved.

However my tithing at the God Shoppe all pays off. Just like buying the sure win lottery ticket. As I have previously stated I know of only success stories of those who tithe at the God Shoppe. What do you mean this is not tithing? Of course it is!

Really you are sounding a bit envious of my increasing success. Oh and did I mention I have now been qualified now myself to be in that number to purchased “Innocence” when next it arrives?

Is that your emergency call line I hear in the background? It is. No, of course not, some people must have their little emergencies. Yes, I know you must ring off immediately.

Do ring me back soon, I still owe you that lunch. We’ll go to that uptown Restaurant with the gold foil desserts and I’ll throw around unnecessary hundreds. What? Oh right. Bye till then.


We have just received smuggled info from inside the secret camp of General Infection. Last we spoke of him was in September, The unpatriotic no-account with his stinking agenda.

Well, egad now he’s sending out freaking brainwashed germs! That’s right, freaking brainwashed germs! They’re his latest troops, these passing for human brainwashed germs! Just zipping about, chanting the negative chants, throwing about misery, diseases’ and death.

Oh sure, maybe they “look like” just another human. They’re not !!!

Yep, we got to step it up in our pursuit of this guy.


You ask why the lack of hero’s here today ?

Really ?

Uh, maybe you killed them all ?


Rather like grotesque puppets practicing damnation

your insecurities in your threatened, forbidden

dangerous world fraught with the me, me, me

Your complete lack of living, loving, sharing, caring

your gross use, abuse toward one another and your entire planet


And you ask where the hero’s are?

Knock, knock

why would a hero even be here

with nothing but zero’s moving?



Identify this

government claims incompetence

as it’s excuse for bureaucratic failures. The end.

corporations make admissions

Eventually of their crimes, say for killing environments, people.

and pay a fine maybe. The end.

yet the law say’s to THE citizen “ignorance is not an excuse“

for you, you must go to jail. The end.



Incompetence; lacking proper skills.

Admissions; confessions of crimes, making mistakes.

Ignorance; lack of knowledge, unawareness.


What the blankity blank does that mean

this hairsplitting .. of the law?

why is a human, a person

held higher for punishment

than their government, or the corporations?