opposing pose

What is it within a society that pays countless millions

to a football, baseball player, a C.E.O., a movie star, a singer etc.


Yet will send a young man or woman to die in the

war games of resources for the corporations for near nothing?


Who are your hero’s?   Question that.

could be

Floyd we could be millionaires

I mean, if we could tolerate the stupid that is.

What’s on your mind Ray, spit it out.

Well Floyd you know for yourself people are prepared to pay for about anything.

Roger that Ray.

You remember those un-popped popcorn ashtrays Big Thelma bought?

Sure do Ray, that didn’t turn out too well as I remember.

No it sure didn’t, and the stink was real bad.

Here’s the idea Floyd, we sell thinking.


Roger that Floyd.

See most folks won’t or can’t think.

We could charge per thought.

We’d be rich in a minute

If we could tolerate the stupid.

small world

What are we?

I made us into gummy bears


Great hiding place for surveillance

I’m all sticky inside and I’m yellow

And you’re green

Yes, the colors they don’t like.

Let it go

What flavor am I supposed to be?

Or you for that matter?

We’re all corn syrup, corn fructuous, and fillers.

Chemistry ?

Well I wouldn’t eat us.

Ugh a finger just touched me digging for a red.

Calm down

I could have been devoured.

O.k. that’s it. Moving on now.

Oh now what? I smell moldy

Look, I’m in a costume that’s a filthy rag, no wonder I smell.

And that musky waterdog smell, where’s it coming from?

look at all of us, in rags clacking our mouths.

Save it we’re on a mission here.

What is our mission?


The beings in the boats singing along with all of them?


Well I had no clue.