hazard country

Holy crap ! Lloyd, Ray you boys just scared the beer right out of me, did I just scream? What the heck are you wearing your Halloween costumes early?

Negative, these are our everyday outfits nowadays.

You look like spacemen, what’s up?

You mean what’s coming down don’t you?

Well when you put it like that and were here in the bayou and I know what has been happening since April, uh well fella’s you got anymore of them outfits available?

the last hour

Dave this last hour before the mall closes makes you question so-called reality, you know what I mean?

I hear that Freddie..

How about that huge guy in the totally out there Bigfoot costume the first of the week Dave? I swear his lips didn’t even move and I heard everything he said!

Was that really a costume Freddie? Look man I just saw him on the camera from the stockroom. No freaking way was I coming back out till he left. I tell you this place had a real strange odor after he departed.

What about those witches that came in like Tuesday night, cackling over the witch costumes over there, where the heck did they get those period costumes they were wearing? I thought in the beginning they were campus girls from drama class until they approached me with their items, oh brother they were not college girls, bizarro.

Or those vampires on Wednesday night following those three young girls and singing “Crimson and Clover”. Come on that was not make-up.

Hey, remember Freddie I missed them getting us coffee at the java bar. But I sure didn’t like those peeps dressed as werewolf types especially when they were sniffing the sheeple costumes.

Yeah that was way over the top Dave. But hey they bought the last eight of those costumes, I really wanted to ask them if they wanted a bag or were they planning on wearing them out.   

Very funny Freddie. but they scared the hell out of me.

Whoa Dave are those real guy‘s in costumes out in the mall?

Who, Those zombie looking dudes headed toward this shop?

Dude you figure it out I’m headed for the safety of the stockroom you’re the manager you deal with them.