Sold food

Why are they here ?

Are you kidding? They’re here to feed.

On what?

Souls my brother, SOULS.


By creating chaos, havoc.

Who pays attention?

Near all here, their lack of harmony

Ignorance is the food source

Thus, they capture themselves.

So they don’t even have to hunt them?

No, they imprint their own souls

with guilt, regret, the sin thing, id,

by then well they are easily consumed.


Walking at gloaming through the old sugar plantation ruins climbing steep rising king’s hill at near crest to hear just once more the voices and wings of the allusive black parrots. I stand as a statue listening, peering, as they move within their jungle canopy unseen.

magic method

Fiona and Yolanda seers as born, fortune tellers by craft, grew weary of the ball gazing, card reading, casting simple spells, collecting the various herbs and rare ingredients, simmering brews, bottling potions, cleaning cauldrons.

All to quell and codify the swarms of wanton humanity drenched in shallow needs.

Closed their practice and joined the rest of us as we together try to create the perfect spell to awaken the sleeping people.

You see we know they are sleeping so heavy a full court awaken spell is required.