dark mansions lll

As I hesitated Miss Nettie held the screen door securely open, her large brown eyes were affixed awaiting my entry. My reluctance spoke volumes, awful cowardly thoughts, tortured fear and humiliation gripped me. Suddenly the perfectly managed world I knew seemed to tear at me, haunt and taunt me, showing me who I was and my inability to be anything beyond myself.

Indeed I had never made entry into this world, her world. Yet here I was actually entering this tiny shack which appeared on glance to be perhaps three or four rooms, neat as she kept Aunties’ and wafting scents of low country cooking. This woman of voodoo whom I had always looked upon as less than myself was now my ally, my only ally to help me clear my name.

Without Miss Nettie I had no hope regardless of position nor money to not be charged with a murder, the murder of Great Aunt Lily. I knew the sheriff did not believe me as to what happened nor care if I was sent to death. He I knew had adored Lily since childhood and never seemed to care for me whatsoever. Would I ever again see her ever smiling, laughing face, Oh why had I resented and resisted her? I began to realized at that very moment my whole world would now change.

Both doors now closed she turned to me and spoke straight and forward, Do you believe son? 


Oh I know of your sanctimony, your attendance, and your pretense of superiority, But do you believe?

I winced as I heard her speak those truths of me, reticent I stood silent, then panicking as my mind said church or lodge, Surely she knew nothing of the lodge, Aunt Lily did not know, how could she?

My entire future depended on this answer, closely I began to muse what it was I should answer when suddenly shockingly I heard my own voice say, “I want to” to which she replied

Son you must believe, without this our dear Lily cannot return. Let us begin gathering the items needed for our journey as we speak of this, time is short, very short.

Trying to grasp her words of guidance as she rushed from place to place, cubby to cubby, tin to tin gathering those things she knew were needed. I began a shudder that choked at my very being and out of my mouth flowed a pitiful wail.