Space rabbit here, coming at you from the black hole, running the drifts this fine eve, keeping you abreast of the incoming.

T.F. announces the Greater Space Junk Hunt, further stating this will be a big one..

Including but not limited to all defunct satellites, probes, ships, capsules and debris fields …

T.F. advises kj4 procedure to be followed regarding the holographic.

And reminds all to encase those programs, rays, beams, particles, neutrinos, frequencies, etc.

See? there it is, T.F. reminding us to expect a big one this time.

Space rabbit knows, like you know, many things have been traveling through as well as hanging around.

O.k. letting go of that, our ever more exciting scavenger hunt date is nearly upon us and Space Rabbit hears though his new thought that all, that’s right all galaxies will be included this season .. now back to the drifts…

hiway hijinks

Breaker wah, we got two cars of alphabets out from us about 5 miles, you got a fix on them too wah?

Ten four dak.

Looks like four per car, and I’m betting they are up to nothing but trouble, What say you wah?

Ten four dak

I’ll sting them wah maybe with an f2, stinging the stingers. I’m loving this.

Ten four that dak, let me hit them first with a bit of Ace as in “how long has this been going on“ for their receivers.

Ten four wah, your enthusiasm exceeds my brother I await the signal.

Here it goes dak

Ten four wah I can hear it premier choice, our own bumper music .. O.k. target ready.. Bingo, consider them stung wah

Ten four that dak got any far out ideas as to their future?

Ten four wah lets disembark these machines and do this together, you know welcome them aboard their own rig.

Ten four.

Dang dak you have certainly improved your meat sack. What are you calling yourself now slim or blackie maybe?

You choose I was taking your advice and haired up too, you are right it’s quite comfortable.

Well here we are with eight alphabets stunned but still capable of some memory what’s the plan?

Lets run four of them though their own memory reconstruction program this time wah. Some of those scenarios are completely outrageous, no wonder no one believes the stories and alphabets trying to deal with memory reconstructions and an alien grab is bound to be entertaining.

Great would you like to choose the four and glide right up in here and we will proceed choosing their new memories?

Right, o.k. how about we double these up like maybe a politician serial killer, a vicar astronaut, a cartoon assassin, and a ex president show girl?

I certainly appreciate your humor while we are out here riding the spook loop dak, lets put them through, that was you calling coast to coast on the truckers line sounding all freaked out about the secret government?

Sure was.

I knew it had to be one of us.. One, on more than their regulated minutes and two they couldn’t triangulate the call.

Oh yeah I had fun talking through those screeners too, guh turned me on to messing with their minds. guh is a funny guy.

I heard he was driving one of those bull urine rigs you seen it?

Yep it’s got small tanks, uses diesel exhaust fluid which is 67 percent urea, boiled down bovine urine and 33 percent water injected in the tanks..

Freaking weird dimension! o.k. their new memories are completed, so what of the other four?

How about we have them look while we exit the meat sacks that ought to do it.

Excellent idea!