bayou bale

Floooyd, Raaay, Floooyd.. Raaay.. Floooyd, Raaaay..

That’s Melvin, sounds like he’s been running awhile.

Roger that Floyd.

Yell out there to that fool we’re in the cabin, Would ya Ray?

Check, We’re in the cabin Melvin

Flooyd, Raay, I’m coomming ooopen the dooor..

Doors open Melvin.

Boy howdy Floyd, he sure does sound winded and heavy agitated.

Roger that Ray.

I got here man, I made it, don’t think I coulda run much longer. Sorry about your screen door boys.

No problem Melvin, we got plenty of screen, How long you been running?

Since I opened the door at my place.

You ran three miles! Wassup ?

It’s dark! Floyd.

Yep, it usually does that at night Melvin.

You mean you two ain’t seen ’em around hereabouts yet?

Who Melvin, who?

Elgin and the rest of them, we got real problems.

Hold up Melvin, catch your breath man, We got no problems here, Do we Ray?

Nope negative, You been taking your medications regular Melvin?

Ray, You’re asking me about meds and I’m talking Elgin and the rest, well unresting, are out there?

I said we had real problems boys, The whole crew of them is up and about. Now listen, they all went down to this illness right? 

Check that, Melvin.  

You boys remember all that scuttlebutt about a resurrection program in Nam while we’all were getting sprayed with those chemicals? All those dark magic stories? I mean boy’s this just puts a whole new slant on the gulf coast recovery program down here.

We hear you Melvin loud and clear and brother we pray no one else has, You dang sure know we ain’t supposed to be talking nothing about Nam, even amongst ourselves, you know the rules. Nobody here wants to be uh further treated. Can I have an Amen?

Roger that, Amen Floyd.

But what about Elgin and the others?

Not a problem, You just stay right here with us till things settle down some.

Settle down? I’m talking about those that are down, then up.

Look Melvin if’n what you’re saying is happening, you know full well they will be sending out a detachment to bring them in and we sure ain’t even getting close to that Rubicon. Can I have another Amen?

Check, Amen.

Now how bout a beer Melvin, let me turn up this Creedence, Great tune Who’ll Stop the Rain, don’t you think Melvin? So how bout it, we got some dinner here, dominoes, the turntable and the C.B. You got your meds on you?