bayou cooking

Hey, evening Floyd Ray Enso Marv, boy that gumbo smells great, ain’t nothing better than C.B. night. Best gumbo in the bayou, dominos, loyal’s and hearing from Lt. Nelson out there in pahrump, ditto with Jake and Isaac up there on the Ohio.

Hey Melvin, uh where’s Willard?

Strange and staying at his place tonight, went by to walk over with him as per, but he was all worked up about his "invention’s" abilities after his last test. Asked me if I’d bring him some gumbo on my way by and sends his greetings, plus a shout out to look his way at sundown.

Look his way at sundown, eh.. How many microwave oven innards’ was he working with at last count Melvin?

Umm maybe he’s got a couple hundred wired up.

Boy howdy, Better prepare for early entertainment tonight, get on the radio Ray, the Lt. and all won’t want to miss this. 

Roger that.

Dish up boy’s we got maybe 30 minutes till sundown and he hits that switch, enabling an early evening of entertainment. Which just might include a stunning light show accompanied by black copters, search lights, sirens, dogs and deputies.

Roger that.

The down side here is looks like Willard just might earn a quick trip up to the V.A. again and gain a position at the front of the reassessment line.

Roger that, you told him Floyd. Me, Melvin, Marv, Enso, we all tried to tell him.

Copy that,  just remember the old jungle mantra. 

Yep, nothing out of the ordinary exists.

Roger that…


“Deceased Chinese, it is anounced, will be the chief articles of export from California when the new steamship line between San Francisco and China is in operation. The Celestials cannot bear to be buried in a foreign country” january 18, 1867