oh gosh I’m glad I caught you before you got to your front door.

my door, why so excited about my door?

well not 45 minutes ago knocking at your door was a M.I.B., believe me I was scared half to death. I tell you he was stone cold, so pale and wearing sunglasses, so I couldn’t tell you the eye color anyway he was dressed in black and carrying a briefcase and when I approached him to ask if he needed assistance locating anyone he came across as sinister, menacing, and weird as this sounds he was kind of un-human, you know emotionless even spoke in a monotone. What’s he sound like to you?

my ex-husband…wonder what he wanted?

taking notes

very good miss, thank you and may I say congratulations you rather had me there.

what are you saying?

that you are free to leave miss, thank you for coming in.


miss, in your story of alien contact which was utterly absorbing indeed, you clearly stated the aliens were worried, did you not?

I did.

so there we have it, good evening miss.