ranch rousing

Mr. Scarecrow..

I’m over here Buck, who’s that you have there with you?

It is I, Howard your good friend, the farmyard rooster. I came as soon as dog


uh Buck informed me you had suffered maladies and been removed from the fields before seasons end.

Most kind of you Howard, however I do believe the season has ended for the corn this year.

Ended, the corn season? Pray tell sir and may I enquire of your condition as it is somewhat at ends, why your very threads are all broken and frizzed. And what of your eyes sir, what has happened to them?

Simply put the fields have fractured my eyes as well as my garments. This season brought again new and rather unsuspected difficulties within all manner of pulsing frequencies, signals, energies, entities, cryptids, even flying jellyfish, one could go on and on. Yes damaged, but an easy fix for scarecrows. It was good of you to come Howard and I feel most embarrassed I did not recognize you.

Not at all Sir, trouble yourself no further that you did not recognize me, few would in these goggles.

Thank you Howard, It’s the goggles then. Come close that I may perceive them, ah yes are the lenses colored?

Yes,  they are blue, however I’ve been busy working over there at the bench in the evening and have many different colors of lenses that retrofit these goggles.

Howard you never cease to amaze..

Didn’t you just say that your damages are easy fixes for a scarecrow?

Indeed I did

And of us sir?

Well no, would be the answer of that

No! good grain Buck do you realize what he’s saying?

Shucks it’s sure I do, as my own eyes have been growing rather foggy and well I know dog’s do not have button eye’s.

Holy oats Buck, Mr. scarecrow  the very implications are overwhelming, my knees weaken and I am the rooster, notably fierce. Tell me of the corn and all the rest, the animals will want to know all your news, and you know how the hens are.

Indeed I do, as well as the rest of the inhabitants within the barnyard but of course I must refrain from giving my testimony until I undergo repair.

Yes, of course. I am astounded at how insensitive I’ve become to the plights of others. Worse of recent, sometimes only feigning care. The admission of this brings no joy to me, just shame.

Do not let that eat you up Howard, no pun intended. It’s the same feign for all of us animals and people. There is no more the gathering in the fields of man. Only beast dwell amongst the frequencies in the fields.

Well said Buck, your truth and courage has been well established, Oh to have seen him running and barking, striving to change what has been delivered to us Howard, there are not words to express my gratitude Buck.

Shucks Mr. Scarecrow I was just doing what a dog does, not unlike yourself

Contraire Buck I can only witness, you create sound, something I cannot. Why Howard he could change the frequencies.

You mean his sound was somehow lessening the frequencies or containing or canceling properties?

I do

Well let me take these goggles off Buck, so you are not blue and give you my own praise for your endless caring and courage.

Buck, Buck where are you Buck?

It’s the rancher, I must leave you two now….

We will be here Buck …

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