Truth outs

unveiling 1960 and birth control pills that took demure females to bra burnings, muscle cars, motorcycles and militant women, fighting for freedom from thier very sex. the new found feminist preffered females to males as they became the penis envy joke of the inner office..
where are we now?
after ingesting male hormones, sheep or synthetic, through 3 generations, think it’s all benign? lust but no passion, compassion, empathy.. think again, try creation.

you ask…

what’s bouncing around in your briefcase?
you’re carrying around frenzies?
heck yes, smart alternative weaponry.
how’s that work?
you let a few out and zap, the frenzies take care of the situation.
hum, makes a twisted bit of sense to me.
it ought to, everybody is using them, haven’t you noticed.