flights of fancy

exhausted, having just gained my seat on the commuter train when my mind was literally summonsed, captured by the astonishing bag, hand woven of exquisite threads creating motional emotions patterns symbols quality so devotionally rare and extraordinarily imaginative that it held me lifted me to excursions emersions searching the knowledge of it’s origins ..
what was this? surely there was movement within the bag .. incomprehensible! watching intensely assuring myself that although distinctively impractical in thought the contents were certainly stirring as if aflutter transforming my world aloft to realms realities seldom visited to discover just what could be contained within the wondrous bag.
all at once realizing my train stop called, incredulous of the time passed, persuading myself to quickly disembark chancing a glance toward the owner of the bag my eye’s caught by the words on the t-shirt “uploading inside insight” bathed in a warm pure light….